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Do you have unsealed pavers and you noticed that it started to lose its original finish? Allow us to seal it for you before it totally gets damaged! ServiCore Clean offers paver sealing service with numerous benefits that every homeowner or business owner like you can enjoy. With over 30 years in this industry, we were able to seal thousands of pavers and we can assure you that our staffs know the ins and outs of paver sealing.

Aside from paver sealing, we also do paver repair and paver cleaning which will add curb appeal to your residential or commercial property all right here in Tampa. We offer FREE estimates and are always ready to respond to your queries.

Why Should You Seal Your Pavers?

Your Paver's Appearance Will Be Enhanced

We only use a high-quality sealant when it comes to our paver sealing services. This helps us to bring out the curb appeal and natural beauty of the pavers in your residential or commercial property.

Protects Pavers From Fading

Pavers that are exposed to sun fade due to harmful UV rays. As what you probably know, UV degradation can cause the components to break down. These rays can also affect the pavers' colored pigments making it fade away. Nonetheless, if you avail paver sealing from professionals, it will help in protecting your pavers from the damaging UV rays and preserves its gloss. Sealing your pavers can also help in bringing back the shine and preserve the vibrant colors undamaged.

Concrete Cleaning

We always recommend our clients to consider concrete pressure washing before resurfacing or implementing other possibly expensive replacements or repairs. With our expert and proficient pressure washing personnel that are equipped with innovative cleaning equipment and detergents, we are very confident that we can bring back your property's concrete exteriors to their former neat and tidy condition.

Protects Pavers From Weather

Sealing your pavers can protect them from being displaced by the rain or the wind. It also helps in preventing the insects or pests from making a trough or sink in the pavers. On the other hand, for your pool decks, we will be using joint sand interlocking in sealing the pavers as it serves as protection from rain and stormy winds.

Paver Protection

Are you worried about your pavers suffering from damage, perhaps due to common home accidents, inclement weather, and foot traffic? With the right paver sealer, you will never have to be concerned about your paver stones! Sealing your pavers provide added protection from getting stained by grease, oil, or any other easily absorbed substance.

Paver Sealing

At present, brick pavers are commonly made of concrete. It is a porous material that is vulnerable to all kinds of marking and staining. Rust, grease, and oil, are very challenging to eliminate from unsealed pavers since they are absorbed easily. If you have unsealed pavers in your property, it retains water for a long time. This creates a perfect situation for stains from spills, oil, and leaves. On top of that, pavers that are not sealed are also ideal breeding ground for mildew and mold.

Precautionary Paver Maintenance

A sealant can make your pavers look brand-new. Even better, utilizing the right product sealing pavers can help avoid fungus, algae, and mold from growing. Whether your pavers are limestone, travertine, brick, and other natural stones, sealing them can be precautionary maintenance.