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Vickie P.Tampa, FL
"They deserve a Tip for doing an excellent job.  They were careful with my furniture and very polite.  I will call them again."

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"Amazing Job."
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"Use them.  They are very Good."

OUR Technicians have the knowledge 

Our professional staff include experienced technicians using certified cleaning technics designed, approved and certified by industry professionals.  We have expertise in specialty cleaning of Residential Home textiles and Commercial Building coverings.


upholstery cleaning process

Upon arrival your Servicore Clean technician will thoroughly inspect upholstered furniture to be cleaned and service fee.  We will then start the standard upholstery cleaning process which includes:

Upholstery Cleaning Solution
Applied to the fabric to loosen embedded dirt.

Fiber Rinse & Extraction
Removes dirt along with cleaning solution

  • Technicians trained for all fabric types.
  • 2-Step deep cleaning process.
  • Upholstery Protectors Available
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

 $49.00 Sofa Cleaning 

Valid on Basic Sofa or 2 Chairs

Upholstery Cleaning by Servicore

additional services

Fabric Guard
Most new upholstered furniture comes treated with protector, but this protection wears off over time. Having the protector reapplied helps preserve the color, beauty and life of your upholstery. It also gives you extra time to clean up spills before they turn into stains on your furniture.  

Dye Stain Removal
Kool-Aid™, Gatorade™, Red Wine, Red Pet Food or other Fruit and Juice spills on upholstery actually dye the fibers within the fabric. Many cleaners may tell you these stains are permanent. However, we can remove more than 80% of these stains. The remaining part of the spot will have to be chemically removed but, can be done.  

professional upholstery cleaning

Mold, dust, mildew and other allergens can live in your upholstery, going unnoticed to the human eye. Even when stains are not visible, upholstery carries bacteria that, if not removed, can potentially affect your health.  Regular, professional furniture cleaning can prevent unnecessary pollutants from spreading through the air and into your body. Upholstery Cleaning is also proven to improve the air quality in your home.

We understand the importance of clean upholstery and use the industry’s best technology to ensure you’re satisfied with the results.