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Servicore Clean is Tampa Bay's most trusted Exterior Cleaning Company

Whether it is a shopping mall, insurance company, bank, university, government facility, or any commercial building in a major city, a time comes when cleaning the window of such tall buildings becomes necessary. Standing so tall puts you in the limelight - and that's for good reason. But you have to maintain a positive image as dirty skyscrapers don't attract the respect and trust that your business needs.

That's where high-rise window cleaning services run by experienced professional skyscraper window cleaners come to the rescue. You don't have to risk the life of your own building cleaning staff to get these windows cleaned. Work with a team of experienced and well-trained window cleaning experts who have the gear and cleaning products to handle this task safely. Heavy-duty ladders, safety harnesses, cradles, and pulleys are some tools we bring to the craft.


Our team, at ServiCore Clean, wants to build a good relationship with our customers. We strongly believe that attentive care coupled with professional service is the best approach of showing our clients gratitude for trusting us. We offer FREE estimates and are always ready to respond to your queries.

Why Should You Clean Your High Rise Windows?

Let the Natural Light In

With dust particles washed onto the surface of the building, together with the grime, it doesn't take too long before the windows stop being as transparent as they were when new. Cleaning your windows regularly ensures that sufficient light passes through them so the living and working conditions of the inhabitants of the building don't suffer.


Also, don't lose out on all the vitamin D that you need for excellent health.

Prolong Life of the Windows and Building

A tall building faces more resistance to the wind, so dust and dirt settle on the windows 10 times faster than the average-sized building. Although the windows are building stronger, they are not invincible. And after a long time with no attention, they will succumb to the etches and scratches from these dust particles. That's why abandoned buildings lose their windows. Allergens also settle on the windows too and can cause serious health problems. Cleaning the windows regularly avoids serious complications caused by these.

Beautiful Buildings that Reflect Light, not Absorb

The more dirt and contaminants settle on the surface of your building, the worse it becomes for everyone around as well as those inside the building. Your building is meant to reflect light so as not to cast a shadow on surrounding buildings. But that's what happens when it's covered in grime. It becomes ugly in the neighborhood and affects surrounding buildings that need natural light. Clean your building regularly to prevent being slapped with a lawsuit.

How is High Rise Window Cleaning Service Done?

Lots of skill and expertise go into cleaning the windows of tall buildings to get the desired result at zero risks to life and property. To start off this herculean task, we take into consideration the design or shape of the building, the objects around the building that could be obstructions (car parks, trees, etc.), the weather, and how the building is used daily.

We use a perfect mixture of advanced cleaning gear, trained window cleaning experts, mild cleaning products, and dedication to excellent results to clean high-rise windows. We understand how important it is for our customers to get their windows sparkling and buildings looking attractive for a long time at affordable costs. That is why our method:

  • Ensures your window's lifespan is extended by using mild cleaning agent

  • Keeps the windows sparkling longer with the use of pure water

  • Makes sure the job is done quickly so you can get right back to business as usual (but with brighter glasses on your building)

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